This is a site dedicated to news and information regarding the Africa Oil Corporation and it´s operations in Eastern Africa.

The site has no connections to the company and therefore no content found here is in any way to be seen as coming from the company itself, nor it´s partners.

Background: We are long term investors with a degree in Economoics as well as Business and management. This site was created due to the time and effort we already spent analyzing Africa Oil´s operations, and we thought it would be helpful to others who does not have the time or energy to keep track of all the new information coming from different forums, news sites, brokers and the relevant companies.

Disclaimer: The site is not intended to be seen as giving investment advice, but rather to give unbiased information with occasional inputs and reflections that are as unbiased as possible. All investors or potential investors should do their own due diligence. This is a high risk/high reward business after all.

No copyright infringement intended.

Ads are placed on this site in order to cover costs for web domain and hosting.

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